Customer-Story-Bark-Caleb-1BARK keeps employees engaged in maintaining the culture and upkeep of their spaces with a user-friendly ticketing system.

BARK is the world's most dog-obsessed company, devoted to making the best products, services and content to make dogs happy. The company started with subscription-based service BarkBox back in 2012 that delivers new amazing toys, treats and "crazy dog joy" once a month for your dog to enjoy. BARK also sells an array of product lines that you can buy at Target, Urban Outfitters and other retailers.

While his team members are creating innovative products and services for four-legged family members, Caleb, the company's Efficiency Coordinator, focuses on creating a one-of-a kind employee experience for the nearly 150, and growing, employees in BARK’s New York City office. Caleb is responsible for making sure the day-to-day office experience for all employees at BARK is exceptional and oversees everything from office snacks to IT Support.

BARK relies on Managed by Q's employee helpdesk for a user-friendly approach to tackling the everyday needs of the company’s NYC and Columbus, Ohio-based employees. Caleb loves Managed by Q’s Slack integration because it fit seamlessly into the BARK team’s workflow.




“I start and end every day using Managed by Q’s ticket dashboard to organize and prioritize my workflow.”


Q: What are your two favorite Managed by Q features?

A: I love the Ticket Dashboard because I have the ability to immediately see what requests are pending, in progress, and completed. It helps me to understand how tasks move forward and what I need to prioritize next.

The recurring ticket feature is really helpful. For example, every morning in New York I conduct a temperature walk-through to ensure all the floors are comfortable before employees arrive for the day. I set Managed by Q to generate the ticket automatically, so I have everything I need to start my to-do list and nothing slips through the cracks when my day gets busy.




Q: How has Managed by Q impacted your your day-to-day life at BARK?

A: People love Managed by Q here! It’s made collecting employee requests a lot easier and we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. Managed by Q's employee helpdesk is so simple to learn and because it can be used from within Slack we've seen high adoption rates amongst our employees.

For me, it’s more manageable to get 10 requests via Managed by Q than to have people come to me in person. Using Managed by Q means I won’t forget any requests made in passing and leads to a better overall employee experience. Once we got Managed by Q up and running in our New York office, it was easy to roll out in our Columbus office as well.




“Managed by Q has been so easy to learn and understand. It has made it significantly easier to manage team projects and requests compared to the tool we used previously.”




Q: How has your experience using Managed by Q been different than using other ticketing software?

A: With ticketing software I used in the past, it was harder to manage all of the requests coming in because the dashboard felt jumbled and disorganized, which made it difficult to hone my priorities. Now that I’m using Managed by Q’s dashboard I’ve saved a lot of time. We have two large offices and Managed by Q makes it easy to manage multiple locations and streamlines collaboration on tickets across offices.

Managed by Q helpdesk customization possibilities have made a big difference for me. Because other ticketing software was not designed for office managers, I had to go through a multi-step approval process to make crucial changes to our account, which slowed down my workflow. With Managed by Q I can make the changes I need immediately and independently.

Managed by Q is also very user-friendly. It’s a very simple process to onboard new employees or offices onto the platform so they can begin submitting their requests to me and I can support them by creating a great office experience.




“Life in the office is super easy now thanks to Managed by Q!”